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This wireless salt level alarm was specially designed for domestic water softeners and uses a transmitter and receiver.

The transmitter is connected to a plastic wire that can be easily set at any level, and to a weight that rests on the salt.
As the weight begins to tighten the plastic wire, the transmitter is brought to a vertical position and sends a signal up to 80ft indoors (up to 25 metres indoors) to the receiver (fitted with a built-in magnet for hanging on the refrigerator, for instance), which in turn gives a light signal every 3 seconds.
Once the salt tank has been refilled, press the “reset” button on the receiver.
The batteries need to be replaced every year. (One set of batteries is included).

(Ideal for new installations and after sale).

a smart battery operated level detector.
Install the transmitter on top of the brine tank, and drop the weighted float on top of the salt mass.
The connection between these 2 is a adjustable chain.
When the salt lowers, the weighted float will pull the transmitter into a straight position, sending a message to the receiver in the kitchen.

  • Range: up to 25 meters range in the home
  • Batteries included
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