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This “salt level alarm” appliance has been specially designed for household and industrial water softeners.

This detection system, which can be fixed to the wall using double-sided Velcro and/or screws, contains the following components.
A small power supply box with integrated buzzer and LED indicator is connected to a sensor that tracks the salt level.
This all-in-one appliance fits in the palm of your hand.
There are two LED indicators: green lit up continuously without alarm and red flashing with alarm.
The buzzer can be set at high level, low level or off by means of a switch. (The LED indicators are always on).
When the alarm sounds, the water softener can be refilled up to above the minimum detection level that has been set by the fitter.
In other words, you do not need to fill up the salt tank completely if you do not have enough salt. A minimum quantity is enough to stop the alarm automatically.
The detection range is 14 cm to 120 cm (= 5.5 inches to 47 inches), which makes this appliance ideally suited for all types of salt tanks.
The detection level is set by keeping a teach function button pressed for 2 seconds, and is stored in the memory even in the event of a power cut.
In other words, you teach the system how far it has to look.
This appliance is available in 220V AC/CE version with exchangeable plug for the European countries, and also in 110V AC/UL + CUL version with American/Canadian plug.

(Ideal for new installations and after sale).

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