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  • OSMO-GUARD®, a smart home leak detection and water control system sounding a buzzer (92dB) and closing automatically the water supply whenever a leak is detected, preventing further water damages.
    This leak detector is especially made for all small individual water appliances (water filtration systems, osmosis units, coffee machines, refrigerator, small water heaters) OSMO-GUARD® consists of 1 motorized 1/2-inch BSP brass ball valve wired with 1 sensor on the ground to close the water supply whenever a leak is detected.
    • Protects individual water appliances
    • Sounds and closes when water alarm
    • Motorized ½-inch ball valve
    • 1 wired sensor
    • 92dB
    • Battery operated
    • Low battery signal
    • Mounted on for example: small water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, water filtration system, osmoses unit…
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