Millions of water softeners have been installed across the world, mostly in private homes.
One of the biggest problems with these water softeners is that if one forgets to add salt when necessary, it can take more than two days before the system regenerates.
During this period without salt:

3 to 4 times more soap will be used
The dishwasher or washing machine will become damaged
Scale will form again in the water pipes and in all appliances that use water.

SALTDETECT® is an appliance which draws your attention as a user of a household or industrial water softening on the fact that your salt bin is almost empty, in order to prevent damage on your water pipes which supply the following appliances and applications:

Water heating appliances: coffee machines, electric kettles, etc.…
shower heads
dishwashers , washing machines
water pipes

The purpose of a softening is to reduce the lime in mains water to an reasonable level.
The purpose of SALTDETECT® is to inform you not to break this process.
It has been proven that more than 30% (e.g. 1/3) of all water softening users forget this process.


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