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The whole house water protection solution!
HYDRAVERT®, a smart home leak detection and water control system, protecting your entire home with 1 single system.
It is a fully wireless, automatic operated unit that closes the central main water supply.
HYDRAVERT® consists of 1 motorized central one-inch brass ball valve with manual override and 6 wireless R/F battery-operated discs and 1 central main control box with Graphics LCD screen.
The system indicates when battery replacement is needed, where water damage may be occurring, will run self-tests and features a special ‘Holiday” function for long periods of absence.
Whenever there is a leak, It will shut the main water supply, making it your best whole house water protection solution, equipped with the latest technologies.
These units are Tamper protected and Code Encrypted.

  • Protects the whole house against water leaks
  • Sounds and closes when water alarm
  • Motorized 1-inch ball valve
  • 6 wireless R/F battery operated discs
  • Main control box with graphics LCD screen
  • 40dB
  • Water leak area indicator
  • Daily self test of the valve
  • Manual override
  • Electric and battery operated
  • Low battery indication
  • Holiday mode
  • Mounted on the main water supply pipe
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