• Protects the whole house against water leaks and exceeded water consumption
  • Sounds and closes when water alarm or exceeded water consumption
  • Motorized 1-inch ball valve
  • Single stand alone unit
  • Graphics LCD screen
  • 85dB
  • Daily self test of the valve
  • Manual override
  • Electric with rechargeable battery back-up
  • Low battery indication
  • Holiday mode
  • Mounted on the main water supply pipe
  • System input: maximum water flow time, minimum flow of litres, maximum flow of litres.
  • Valve self closing after 72 hours if no water was consumed or demanded

The whole house water protection solution to safe-guard the WHOLE PIPELINE NETWORK!
HYDRA-PIPE®, a smart home leak detection and water control system, protecting your entire home with 1 single system.
It is a fully automatic operated unit that closes the central main water supply.

HYDRA-PIPE® consists of 1 motorized central one-inch brass ball valve with manual override with graphics LCD screen.
The system requires the input of 3 parameters: the maximum water flow time, the minimum flow of litres and the maximum flow of litres.
The system comes with electric supply and has integrated long lasting rechargeable batteries as back-up, will run self-tests, and features a special ‘Holiday” function for long periods of absence.
Whenever there is a leak, It will shut the main water supply, making it your best whole house water protection solution, equipped with the latest technologies.

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