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HYDRA-GUARD®, a smart home leak detection and water control system.
It is a fully wireless, automatic operated unit that closes the water supply of individual water appliances (water heater, dishwasher, laundry machine, water softener, coffee machine etc…)
HYDRA-GUARD® consists of 1 motorized one-inch brass ball valve with manual override wired with 1 sensor on the ground to close the water supply whenever a leak is detected.
The system indicates when battery replacement is needed and will run self-tests.
This system that works either on batteries or electricity will protect your home against water damages, and is equipped with the latest technologies.
We can also supply the VALVE separately providing the possibility to open and close the valve through external connection.
This article is based on HYDRA-GUARD®, and is called HYDRA-VALVE®.
These units are Tamper protected and Code Encrypted.

  • Protects individual water appliances
  • Sounds and closes when water alarm
  • Motorized 1-inch ball valve
  • 1 wired sensor
  • 40dB
  • Daily self test of the valve
  • Manual override
  • Electric and battery operated
  • Low battery indication
  • Holiday mode
  • Mounted on for example: bigger water heater…
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